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The region’s nature

Cана : 09-06-2017   /   What to do   /   кўрилди: 726
The region’s nature is very diverse. It creates appropriate conditions to grow agricultural products, to develop gardening and vine culture, cattle breeding and farming.
The region’s climate is very moderate and has unique and exotic nature, natural scenes. This uniqueness of the region is closely connected to mountainous area. There are lot of ancient trees such as almond, nut and fir tree; lakes, forests, meadows. Clean and fresh air of this region isparticularly remarkable. Moreover, it has unique species of animals, plants and birds in its moun¬tainous sides and streams.
The generous nature of Bakhmal district has mineral water resources, forest reservations, beautiful waterfalls and a lot of springs near mountains which is located 2600 metre above the sea. The 48000 hectares Zomin national garden was set up in 1976. Its nature is very diverse; it is located in 4000 metres above the sea. Its huge forests and lakes make perfect exhibition of the nature. A lot of people visit this place every year. There is Zomin forest reservation near this gar¬den that has 78000 hectares area. There are over 100 types of unique plants, and species such as, white-nail bear, wild pig, racoon, wild goat, and over 150 types of birds such as kite, peasant,kaklik, and vulture. More than 10 children’s camps, the resort of "Zomin”, and "Uriklisoy’, and other sanatoriums are functioning.
Moreover, the beautiful nature of Bakhmal district with its mountainous wanders, fresh and clean air, picturesque forests attract many people who want to have a rest from many parts of the country, especially in spring, summer and autumn seasons.
The region’s territory is situated considerably above the sea side. Due to the climate conditions land is very diverse, with various types of soil. Moreover, the region4 s area comprises of des¬erts, forests, mountainous sides with meadows, and high hills. That is why the level of soil salinization increases as it moves further from the mountains.
The irrigated land has a particular type of cultural soil, and in mountainous sides the soil is of light or dark brown colour. The area of 1800 metre above the sea side has dark brown soil, and the area of 2000 meters above the sea side has rather light brown soil.
There are over 3000 types of plants in the re¬gion. Their diversity and growth mainly depends on the decrease of the soil salinization. In desertsand in close areas where there is a water defi¬ciency the ephemera and ephemerid plants grow. There is a wide range of plants like gulkhayri, arslonquyruq, chayir, chalov, bugdoyoyoq, shu- voq, and mint in this region, which grow on mountains and on hills as well as on deserts. The vast territories of fur trees, almond trees, nut trees, zarang trees, cherry trees and apple trees are widely spread. One can meet the plants like erbuta, zirk, irgay, wild onion, kiyikot, rovoch, gulqoqi, arpabodiyon, and zira which are used in pharmacy.
Due to the diversity of land, there are accordingly many types of animals in the region moving from plain valleys in north, and north-west, and the deserts up to the mountains.
Arnasoy-Tuskan-Aydarkul is the main source for the development of fishing. There are more than 20 types of fish, like zogora, laqqa, suzak and others in this lake.
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